Welcome DONORS handbook!

 Tutorial: How to use slot reservation

  • connect (example for SURF server) : Type this in the console to connect to the server with your reserved slot (Supporter donators or higher).
★You can replace '!' with '/' to make your commands silent so others won't see them (e.g. , "/admins").

 How to use models and custom skins

There is explanation how to use custom models which is reservated only for Donators!

  • Type in chat !models if you are playing on SURF server, then you can chose skin.
  • Type in chat !zclass in case that you are playing on Zombie Escape server.

 Tags and credits explanation and rest

In this section will be explained how donors can use their privileges for chat tags, credits distribution and rest of minor commands. Credits are distributed every 300 seconds (5 minutes).

  • If you are Premium donor, you will get x 2 of credits (example: normal players get 1, you will get 2)
  • If you are Diamond donor, you will get x 5 of credits (example: normal players get 1, you will get 5)
  • To use custom tags for that is available only for Diamond donors, you can do by typing !tags or !title (SURF), also !customtitle is available for SURF server, for rest is just !tags
  • Diamond donors also have access to special trails, which can be activated by typing in chat !trail

 More informations

If there is something unclear, you can always can contact us: