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1 € / Month
  •  Reserved Slot
  •  No Advertisements
  •  [Supporter] Tag
  •  One Custom Skin (ZE,SURF)


2 € / Month
  •  Reserved Slot
  •  No Advertisements
  •  [Premium] Tag
  •  Access to: VIP menu (SURF)
  •  2x more credits (!shop)
  •  Custom Skins (ZE,SURF)
  •  Skip waiting Queue (Retakes)


3 € / Month
  •  Reserved Slot
  •  No Advertisements
  •  Custom Chat tags (!tags)
  •  Access to VIP menu (SURF,ZE)
  •  3x more credits (!shop)
  •  More Custom Skins (ZE,SURF)
  •  Skip waiting Queue (Retakes)
  •  Custom Chat colors !tags/!title
  •  Access to !replay (SURF)
Donations are non-recurring.

In case that you dont know how to use commands which you get access when you became Donator, read Donors HANDBOOK

100% of your donation will go towards server costs.
However, if you'd like to give something to me, you are free to do so (´・ω・`).
This amount will be added to your total amount, you will not receive any donation perks from it.
I might add you and say thanks though.

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