C4 Staff Models Shop Announcement!

Posted by C4.rs on 2021-09-10T21:12:38+00:00

Good News!!! We wanted to let you know that we have offically opened store, where u can get a hoodie or t-shirt with our logo.
Our staff members wanted to showcase this hoodie's they already got!!!

MODELS: djene, biccy, sowie, femme fatale

Fire Has Destroyed OVH's Strasbourg Data Center (SBG2)

Posted by C4.rs on 2021-03-10T12:41:39+00:00

Sad news! Fire Has Destroyed OVH's Strasbourg Data Center (SBG2). For the unknown time next servers will be unavailable:

Surf easy, FFA #1, Arena, DM HS Only, DM DD2 MIRAGE, Retake #3 and #4

We will keep you updated about the situation. For now, we are waiting for our IP addresses.

More info on: http://travaux.ovh.net/?do=details&id=49484


UPDATE (2021-03-12 21:15:39)

We ordered a new dedicated server from a data center in a different city. The estimated server delivery time will be in 72 hours at the latest. During that time, the C4 staff is working tirelessly to deliver the servers that were destroyed due to the already mentioned fire as soon as possible.


UPDATE (2021-03-17 20:09:00)

Hi everyone, we just got a replacement server in the Gravelines datacenter. Cloudpodz has already started to configure the node, so we will migrate the test (recreated) servers after the configuration is completed. We expect the servers to be online tonight. :D


UPDATE (2021-03-18 03:09:00)

At one point we lost everything! It's always hard to accept defeat, but after a few days, we finally managed to recover. I would like to thank all the players for staying with us, thank the entire C4 team for their help, Cloudpodz for technical support, and the OVH staff who procured a replacement server in record time. :trophy:

We hope for the best, stay with us.

Big Giveaway vLoot.io

Posted by C4.rs on 2021-01-22T19:31:23+00:00

Hey everyone! c4 and vLoot.io partnered for this giveaway!

Today you can win yourself a FREE M4A4 Neo-Noir on vLoot.io


Good luck everyone and have a great day!

C4 Network's 6th Birthday!

Posted by C4.rs on 2020-08-09T08:00:00+00:00

Today is my 6th , I'm going to have fun with my friends and loved ones cuz it's a very special day for me.

:D  :heart: :heart: :heart:

Well, it's our birthday and for this birthday we decided that we are going to open a new surf server. Everyone is welcome to join its tier 3-8 102.4 tick :heart: IP:


26.06 € / 62.60 €

Server due on:

Total 10047.38 € | -10021.32 €

Fun servers / Communication!

Online: Querying..

Members: 90000+
Online: Querying..

DeathMatch Servers

Retake Servers