Welcome to our GIVEWAY!!!

Posted by lesa on 2018-11-02T17:42:30+00:00

If you want to participate and get the chance for a reward, it's necessary to visit the link bellow:


A person who achieves the highest number of points will have higher chance of winning. The winner will be announced on the VIBER group.

Happy 4th birthday of c4.rs

Posted by lesa on 2018-08-08T22:47:50+00:00

Today is 4th birthday of c4.rs YAAAAAAAAY!!! :kissing::kissing::kissing: <3<3<3

In the evening we will giveaway few DIAMOND donators for SURF serverĀ :D:D:D

Emergency maintenance Air conditioning

Posted by lesa on 2018-07-31T13:03:28+00:00

Dear Sir or Madam,

due to the extreme outside temperatures, we will carry out an optimization of the air conditioning in a sub-segment of our data center. After maintenance, stable cooling is guaranteed even in extreme outdoor conditions in the affected areas of the data center.

For this reason, we are forced to necessary to temporarily disconnect our server from the power supply. During this time, our server will be down for about an hour.

Servers Down:

  1. C4.rs SURF EASY
  2. C4.rs Deathmatch FFA-MIRAGE
  3. C4.rs Zombie Escape

We apologize for the inconvenience!

Kind regards,
C4 Admin Team.


55.84 € / 60.00 €
Server due on: 01 January

Total 708.40 € | -652.56 €

Fun servers / Communication

Deathmatch Servers