Big Giveaway

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Hey everyone! c4 and partnered for this giveaway!

Today you can win yourself a FREE M4A4 Neo-Noir on

Good luck everyone and have a great day!

C4.RS Minecraft Server Skyblock! IP:

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Welcome to Minecraft fellow gamers.
We are opening a new server!
Server Ip:
Version: 1.16.4
Server type: Skyblock, PVE, PVP, RPG and quests. 

New stuff:
-    A lot of new dungeons are coming.
-    A new quest line being developed.
-    Spawn Tutorial.

About the server:
This skyblock contains a lot of different plugins that allows players to interact with the server. We use IridiumSkyblock where you're allowed to upgrade your island and do island missions. These missions will earn you island crystals which is the main currency for trading and upgrading your island. With the IridiumSkyblock plugin comes an island shop. In the island shop you can purchase basic blocks and tools.

There is also a normal money system. Once you complete an is mission you withdraw that money from the island bank. You can also earn this kind of money through jobs or even coinflipping against other players. Last but not least you can sell and buy stuff in the auction house. We also have a quest/challenge area that allows you to earn money from completing quests and challenges.

We have special dungeons which allows you to gain top gear like netherite armor, tools etc. by fighting against challenging bosses. These dungeons allow you to gain custom loot aswell which is be better than any netherite gear.

New Chapter! C4 Minecraft

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Hello, fellow gamers. Today we are announcing the beginning of a new chapter in the c4 story. We are proud to announce that we are starting our Minecraft server. Mod is vanilla with a few helpful plugins + Towny version latest
On our discord, u can assign yourself a gaming role that will allow you to see Minecraft rooms.
IP for our Minecraft server is: :D  :heart:

C4 Network's 6th Birthday!

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Today is my 6th , I'm going to have fun with my friends and loved ones cuz it's a very special day for me.

:D  :heart: :heart: :heart:

Well, it's our birthday and for this birthday we decided that we are going to open a new surf server. Everyone is welcome to join its tier 3-8 102.4 tick :heart: IP:


807.79 € / 222.09 €
Server due on: 25 February

Total 6890.60 € | -6082.81 €


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